Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Discovery Museum

Back in March we went to the Discovery Museum in Rockford for Charlie's birthday party.  This museum is fun!  We played with things that we haven't played with before.  They had a floor piano that I don't remember seeing before.  N2 were not horribly interested in it but I thought it was fun!  We also spent quite a bit of time in the electricity section.  Noah and Brian tried out lots of ways to try to make a windmill and see which paddles were the best, how to tilt the paddles and how many paddles to use.  N2 also made circuits which they thought was fun.
Of course we had to play in the tot spot and Natalie found a horse to play with!  They have a new camping section where the kids can fish for food, cook over a campfire and play in a tent.  We thought for a while that Noah was going to cook the deer!

We played outside for a while.  It was a pretty nice day so we spent quite a bit of time outside.  We tried to use the disks to talk to Brian far away but it didn't seem to work.

My kids were quite the climbers outside this time.  I don't think they've ever played on these structures before.
 We tried the Sympathetic swings with Natalie.  If Brian or I got going too high, Natalie would go out of control.
I made some bubble windows and N2 had a great time popping them.  I did manage to get a picture before they popped it!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Grove

One day over spring break N2 and I met mom at the Grove.  N2 were very intrigued by all the turtles.  They were feeding them when we were there.  It was interesting how the lady would pick up certain turtles and put them right by the food.  The lady told us that some of the turtles are bullies when it comes to feeding time!  The turtles were so cute how they just crawled all over each other.  N2 also enjoyed looking around at the other animals.  One lady actually got the skunk out so we could pet it.  I thought Natalie would pet it but she wouldn't.  They also spent some time working puzzles and making a snake headband.  They really enjoyed their time at the Grove.