Friday, November 30, 2012

Gratitude Wreath

Our gratitude wreath is done.  Here's what is written on it:

nice weather
Great Grandma Weisgerber
pilgrim hat
food that we eat
penguins on the wall
our fish
Daddy being home
Santa Claus
fish fileter
Grandma and Grandpa
Aunt Marcie
Mom and Dad
new goggles
Megan and Amelia
my friends
Miss Kathy
baby bear
going outside

On a side note, somehow I am out of storage space for my blog.  That's annoying.  I guess I have to downsize all my photos which is annoying to do as I have no way to do it quickly.  So don't expect blog posts frequently.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Imitation is the best form of flattery?

Yesterday after my cortisone injection, I laid down on my stomach to ice my back.  I had to get up to do something and when I came back this is what I found:
I guess I've spent a lot of the last month and a half in this position.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratitude Wreath

I saw this wreath of plenty on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make it!  I decided to make it out of my latest digital scrapbook kit called Seasons of Thanks which is about being grateful for what we have.  It didn't take me long to make and I had all the materials at home!  If you want to make one, just email me or leave me a comment and I will email you everything you need!  Here's how my wreath turned out.
Every night after dinner, I pull the wreath down from the door and we take turns telling what we are thankful for.  I try to go first to model for them but they still stay things like "baby bear" and "piggy".  I write down what N2 say.  I want to make them stretch which is why I'm not writing down what Brian and I say.  I write it down with brown Sharpie.
The one day I almost forgot and Noah ran to the bathroom, got the stool and tried to grab the wreath.  I'm glad he remembers and is enthusiastic about it!  I'll have to make new leaves for next year.  I guess I could have laminated the leaves and used a overhead marker to write down their answers.  But then I would need a laminator!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Felt Boards (Kind of)

I made a monster out of felt with removable pieces for N2's Halloween party at preschool.  I figured that N2 would like to play with it at home too so I made more pieces for it so they could decide what nose/ears/horns to use.  They LOVE playing with it!  I don't have a felt board but they just play with it on the table.  Most of the time they use all the pieces but that's OK!  I only made 1 monster and I wanted something for the other one to play with.  Marcie had told me that she made a felt jack o lantern so I did the same thing.  I would highly recommend making something like this.  They love it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

The weekend before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.  I had N2 draw on paper what they wanted their eyes and nose to look like.  Then I had them describe what they wanted their mouth to look like and I drew that on their paper.  Then I drew their shapes on their pumpkins.  Brian cleaned out the pumpkins while N2 watched.
We started with Natalie's pumpkin.  I couldn't sit to help so Brian did the helping.  Brian got the knife started and then let each of the kids keep going to cut out their shapes.  I was impressed that they could do it!  Here's Natalie carving her pumpkin.  She had a scar on her pumpkin and she wanted it going across the face.

Next it was Noah's turn.  He insisted on carving his pumpkin with this tongue stuck out.  He wanted hair on his pumpkin so Brian had to devise a way to make hair.

I carved my pumpkin too.
Finally after trick or treating on Wednesday we lit them.  They had been wanting to light them for a while but we just didn't get around to doing it.  I like how Noah's pumpkin's hair glowed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preschool Halloween Party

I volunteered to help with N2's preschool party at school.  They were invited to preschool even though they don't go to preschool on Halloween so I was extremely glad that they had a fun party to attend!  Along with another mom, I planned games for the class to play.  The first one was a build a monster game.  I cut a monster face out of felt and the cut different shapes for the body parts on the face.  There were 15 kids so I had to have 15 different body parts!  I ended up with 3 eyes, a nose, 2 ears, a mouth, 2 sets of teeth, one long eyebrow, 5 horns and hair.  I did an extra part in case there was another kid.  Here's what our monster looked like.  (The teacher said she would make a felt board but I got there on Halloween and she said it wasn't dry so we had to use this board that she had!)
Then we played pumpkin bowling.  The other mom made this game.  She bought toilet paper rolls and put black eyes on them to make them look like ghosts.  We used a small pumpkin as the ball.  I didn't get pictures because I was the one on the floor setting up the toilet paper rolls after the kids would knock them down.  They had a lot of fun.  Each kid only got one turn though as we only had 1 bowling set.  After this game it was snack time.  I made witch broomsticks with cheese and pretzel sticks.

I included both so you could see that I had to use singles because the white cheese I chose was a pain and you can see that I tried different ways to make the brooms!  I thought these would be easy but they were NOT!  I bought slices of white square American cheese at the deli.  The person cut one slice for me and I folded it and rolled it and it didn't crack. I thought "perfect!"  I had found slightly thicker pretzel sticks that I thought would work better.  I started making these after dinner time the night before the party.  I cut the slice of cheese in half.  The cheese immediately cracked and fell apart when I tried to wrap it.  Brian suggested that I let the cheese warm up.  So I did.  That seemed to help a little but it still cracked before I could tie it with a chive.  And let me tell you about the chives.  I would get a broom made and try to tie it and the chive would snap in two before I even got it tied.  I searched the internet to find out what kind of cheese people used and if there was a technique I was missing because the site I found off pinterest just told me to roll the cheese and tie.  Someone suggested using cream cheese. So I slathered cream cheese on the bottom of the pretzel and then stuck pieces of cheese on.  That kind of worked but then I had to put more cream cheese on top of the pieces of cheese to get more pieces on top.  Very labor intensive.  I decided to try string cheese because some people had used that.  Well my pretzel sticks were too big so it just made the cheese break apart when I tried to insert the pretzel stick in.  So I shredded the cheese and used cream cheese to stick it.  That was better than the American cheese but still a pain.  Kraft had a video tutorial on how to make them and they used singles.  So I tried singles.  That did work better because the cheese was more pliable but it still cracked.  I finally got enough made so each kid could have 2 but it took me quite a long time and quite a few choice words.  I was ready to run to the store and buy smaller pretzel sticks and insert those into string cheese. I would NOT recommend making these!  All the adults at the party loved them though!

Then we read books.  The teacher asked for a volunteer to read books and she called my attention to it so that I would sign up.  I read the kids Over in the Hollow and Big Green Monster.   The first one is to the tune of Over in the Meadow.  My kids love when I sing books to them so I decided to sing that book at preschool and have the kids help me make the noises and do actions with the story.  They mostly sat nicely.  I think there was one boy who wasn't paying attention but the rest were!  Then we had a Halloween parade. We played two more Halloween games after that-Hot Pumpkin and Ghost Drop.  Hot Pumpkin is played just like hot potato but whoever had the pumpkin when the music stopped had to make a Halloween noise.  The kids were not good about passing quickly.  They just wanted to hold the pumpkin!

Ghost Drop is where the kids have to hold a clothespin by their nose and try to drop it into a pumpkin bucket.  I painted clothespins white and put eyes on with sharpie.  The kids did it once and then had enough.  I think they were tired of playing games by that point.  At the end the teacher had them do Bozo buckets and they could pick out prizes from each bucket.

We had a fun time but I sure was tired after the party!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trick or Treating

I meant to blog earlier but I find that when I'm actually sitting down, I need to get some business done!

We had a great job trick or treating.  N2 knew what to say and to say thank you.  They said it quietly most often so I had to repeat it so that the people at the door knew that they said what they were supposed to say.  We went to Grandma and Grandpa Weidner's neighborhood to go trick or treating just like we did the last 2 years.  This year Charlie came along too.  Their next door neighbor gives out full size candy bars!  Sweet!  Towards the end Natalie got tired and just wanted to go home rather than get more candy.  I wonder when that will change!

We went trick or treating in the mall after preschool.  It was nice because the stores that had candy had signs in their windows with a ghost that said "trick or treat here" so N2 could look for the ghosts.  I heard lots of complements on their costumes from employees at the store but also from moms walking around with their kids.  They asked me if I did them myself.  I wonder if a lot of people don't even think about how easy it is take make some costumes like Noah's!  At the one store the employees said that these were the cutest costumes they had seen all day and I really think they meant it and not just saying a line.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jumping in the Leaves

When it was nice weather last week, Noah wanted to play in the leaves even though it had rained the day before.  When we had friends over, he rake a big pile in the neighbor's yard.  I told him those weren't our leaves so why didn't he rake our yard.  So what did he do?  Transported the neighbor's leaves into our yard.  Wonderful.  So we had a big pile of leaves in our front yard.  The next day was nice too and a little drier (except for the leaves on the bottom of the pile) so we played in the leaves again.  Noah did most of the raking!  I need to motivate him to rake the rest of the yard!   Sorry for all the pictures.  I liked them all!

For some reason my children think that they need to stick out their tongues when smiling.  It's annoying.  So when you say "no laughing," they immediately start faking laughing with their tongues out.  It defeats the purpose.

They also enjoyed throwing leaves.

Then they decided to ride their rakes like a broomstick like a witch does.
Too bad it's so cold now because there are still lots of leaves and our pile is still there!