Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The Easter bunny had to hide eggs inside the house because it rained the night before and outside could have been a little damp and muddy.  For some reason the adults kept the kids waiting from discovering their Easter baskets and then hunting eggs.  Marcie and I looked back fondly (?) on our holidays as kids when our present/stocking opening at Christmas was delayed because all of Dad's siblings would call right as we started and we would have to wait patiently (?) for their conversation to be done.  Marcie and I apparently love to torture our children so Marcie secretly called Mom and Dad and asked them to call her house in a few minutes just as the kids were about to start diving into their Easter baskets.  Here are the looks we got as the phone rang:

We then passed the phone around to all the kids to talk to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone.  Let me tell you how extensive their conversations were!  Ha ha!

Finally it was time to find out what the Easter bunny left them!  All the kids ended up with similar items (way to go Easter bunny making sure that presents were coordinated between families!).  Favorites of my kids were mini beanie boos and mystery Harry Potter figures.
 Then it was time to hunt eggs.  The Easter bunny assigned each kid a color to look for.   Some hiding spots were tricky!

Mom and Dad had sent Marcie packages of presents for the kids which they all loved!  Thanks!

Then it was time to get the picture of all the cousins together.  I only had to photoshop one face on this picture!  We always let kids take silly pictures at the end which they have fun with.

Thanks for hosting us Marcie.  We had a great time!