Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Texas Bluebonnets

When we were in Texas the bluebonnets were starting to bloom.  I've seen the beautiful pictures of kids in the bluebonnets so I figured I might as well try to get some.  We kind of ran out of time and this photo shoot was pretty spur of the moment.  My kids were sweaty, double doused with sunblock and not in the most ideal clothes but I tried to make the most of it.  The flowers were a little patchy and I'm not an experienced photographer of patchy bluebonnets so I don't think I got as many flowers in my pictures as I could have.  Oh well.  I do have to say that I got the best pictures of Noah that I have in a really long time!

Natalie was not as photogenic and cooperative as she normally as in pictures.

 Here are the two of them together.

At the end they really wanted to take some silly pictures.  Brian wants them to recreate the first picture in 30 years :)