Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jumping in the Leaves

When it was nice weather last week, Noah wanted to play in the leaves even though it had rained the day before.  When we had friends over, he rake a big pile in the neighbor's yard.  I told him those weren't our leaves so why didn't he rake our yard.  So what did he do?  Transported the neighbor's leaves into our yard.  Wonderful.  So we had a big pile of leaves in our front yard.  The next day was nice too and a little drier (except for the leaves on the bottom of the pile) so we played in the leaves again.  Noah did most of the raking!  I need to motivate him to rake the rest of the yard!   Sorry for all the pictures.  I liked them all!

For some reason my children think that they need to stick out their tongues when smiling.  It's annoying.  So when you say "no laughing," they immediately start faking laughing with their tongues out.  It defeats the purpose.

They also enjoyed throwing leaves.

Then they decided to ride their rakes like a broomstick like a witch does.
Too bad it's so cold now because there are still lots of leaves and our pile is still there!

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