Friday, November 9, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

The weekend before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.  I had N2 draw on paper what they wanted their eyes and nose to look like.  Then I had them describe what they wanted their mouth to look like and I drew that on their paper.  Then I drew their shapes on their pumpkins.  Brian cleaned out the pumpkins while N2 watched.
We started with Natalie's pumpkin.  I couldn't sit to help so Brian did the helping.  Brian got the knife started and then let each of the kids keep going to cut out their shapes.  I was impressed that they could do it!  Here's Natalie carving her pumpkin.  She had a scar on her pumpkin and she wanted it going across the face.

Next it was Noah's turn.  He insisted on carving his pumpkin with this tongue stuck out.  He wanted hair on his pumpkin so Brian had to devise a way to make hair.

I carved my pumpkin too.
Finally after trick or treating on Wednesday we lit them.  They had been wanting to light them for a while but we just didn't get around to doing it.  I like how Noah's pumpkin's hair glowed.

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