Thursday, July 28, 2011

Helado ("llado")

Brian wanted soft serve ice cream the other day after dinner so we told N2 that if they ate a good dinner they could have a treat (sadly this is what we need to say now for them to eat a good dinner).  The local place to get soft serve is McDonalds.  Sad, isn't it?  Clearly someone would make good money if they opened up an ice cream shop in Wauconda!  Brian asked N2 if they wanted Helado (Spanish for ice cream).  They of course said yes (not sure why as they don't speak Spanish) and kept repeating "llado" as we were driving.  We got them each their own ice cream cone. They've actually never had an ice cream cone before (at least not a big one).  It was quite entertaining!

Noah insisted on taking itty bitty licks where he would hardly get anything on his tongue.  Natalie on the other hand took giant bites from the sides of the cones rather than the top.  They had such a great time and ended up quite sticky!

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