Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 uses for soft blocks

I read Marcie's blog post about about playing with your kids and it inspired me to offer suggestions for N2's play instead of just playing along with the same old thing.  Marcie wrote about Amelia building towers with the soft blocks using her teeth only so I thought we should try that too.  That led to trying to use the blocks in so many ways!  I thought I would share some ideas of how to play with the soft blocks.

1.  Build towers only using your teeth (thanks Marcie!  That was fun!)
2.  Build trains and try to walk just on the blocks
3.  Order the blocks by color and numbers
4.  Build towers on top of people's heads
5.  Using a large spoon, balance a block on it and try to walk around the house
6.  Put a block under your chin and try to talk around the house
7.  Balance a block on your head and walk around the house
8.  Squeeze a block between your knees and walk around (this was tough!)
9.  Play Bozo buckets with the blocks (we just threw the blocks into a cardboard box that was going to be recylced)
10.  Use Lincoln Logs and try to pick up the blocks-kind of like chopsticks but use 2 hands

I bet there are more things you can do with these blocks rather than just build towers with them.  What other ideas do you have?


  1. Oh, I love your list! We are definitely doing this when we are bored this week!

  2. Nice information for parents of little ones. Good creativity.