Monday, May 21, 2012

Public Works Open House

We went to the Public Works open house on Saturday.  It was quite a hot day!  Some of the trucks had gotten too hot to sit in.  Luckily the front end loader and the snow plow were not too hot!  I would have to say that N2 got in the front end loader at least 8 times each.  Luckily it wasn't too crowded so we could go from one big vehicle to another!  We also enjoyed free hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy!  Plus free coloring books, pencils, water bottles and balloons!  As you saw in the last post, N2 enjoyed the police cars as well.

 Like I said, it was hot.  So N2 found a great place to cool down.

 They also learned how to dial 911 (red-yellow-yellow).  The police says that often times kids this young don't know their numbers but they can learn to dial a number by colors.  So they give you free stickers to put on your phone so your child can call 911 via the colors.  Natalie especially practiced with the "play" phone.  She actually got to talk to an operator on the other side of the phone (who was sitting right next to the play house).  She learned to say that she needed help and she would give her name. Now whether she could do it in a real emergency is another story.  We now have red and yellow stickers on our phone at home.  Hopefully they will not continue to practice dialing at home!

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