Monday, June 11, 2012

Water Balloons

N2 spent their last $1 that they got from Great Aunt Elaine and Great Uncle Randy for their birthday at the Target $1 section.  I've been doling out the dollars ($1 from Valentine's Day and $3 from their birthday) since February.  This last time they both picked the same thing-water balloons.  The first time we used the water balloons, I was by myself so I didn't get any pictures.  This time Brian played with them so I was able to snap pictures.  All N2 do with water balloons is throw them at you so they will explode.  Water balloons only last a few minutes because they can throw balloons awfully quickly!  Now Noah is not fond of getting wet himself so you can't throw any at him.  We need to work on that!  Poor Brian got the majority of the water on him (or at least his feet).  He tried to catch them but N2 would throw them hard enough that they would pop when they were touched.

 (I love Natalie ducking in this one).

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