Monday, September 8, 2014

Natalie's store

Natalie has recently been very interested in the cash register.  She set up a drive through for us to buy food.  She made a menu so that we know what we can order.  She carries such specialties such as bat and polar bear!  After we order we have to pay exorbitant fees for the food!  She takes our money but doesn't give change or lets us pay by credit card.  She has a very friendly store.  Make sure to stop by the next time you are in the area!

(her food for sale: bat (on separate page), lemons (the gray and yellow things), tomato, bacon, polar bear and grapes)).  She has made more signs since I took the picture.  She copies what our felt IKEA food looks like and she copied the Beanie baby bat and stuffed animal polar bear.


  1. I am very impressed by Natalie's drawing skills. Wow! What a little artist! I've gotta ask, though, what food is in the upper left hand corner?

  2. Is she wearing a headband? Super cute! And why is her Cubs shirt red? That seems confusing and wrong. Shouldn't it be blue?

    Those things in the upper left corner are lemons, right? The grey and yellow things? Perhaps they are slices of lemon sitting on a gray plate waiting for you to put them in a glass of water, or something like that.

    Her tomato is fantastic! I don't think I could draw a tomato that nicely! And her polar bear is also very nice. But I thought the purple grapes were a butterfly.