Monday, December 29, 2014

Peanut the Elf

I know Christmas is over but I thought I would share with you what Peanut, our elf, did this year.  He started out the year by putting post it notes all over the hallway to stat that he was back.  N2 were very excited that they could read his note.  They even wrote him back.

The paper says "Peanut" "Noah and Natalie" and the top note says "we can kiss you peanut."  Those were written by Noah.  The other two notes say "We love you Peanut" and "We can hug you Peanut."  Those were written by Noah.  I think Natalie probably copied Noah's format but that is just my guess.

Peanut made them elf donuts one night.  Brian didn't even get to see them!
Peanut taught some squinkies, firemen and lego men how to read.
After we set up our tree, Peanut decided to help us try to decorate the house.  He was not quite successful.

N2 have been fairly short with each other this month.  They have been pushing each other's buttons and arguing.  Peanut wrote them a note one night.
Peanut took a ride with Barbie in the Barbie car one day.  N2 enjoyed pushing the car around the house.  The next day he disguised himself as a snowman.
Peanut planned a scavenger hunt for N2 and hid in Natalie's boot.

Peanut wanted to bake cookies one day. Another day N2 hadn't put away their laundry so Peanut found their underwear and put it on the tree.
 Peanut called Santa one day because it was on his to do list.
Peanut cut out mustaches and put them on N2's pictures around the house.

Poor Peanut was sick one day.  But another day he was well enough to fix Barbie's car.

 A favorite in our house is elf pancakes.

And last but not least, Peanut read all the Baby Jesus' from the nativity scenes the story of the Nativity.

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  1. I forgot that you collect nativities, don't you? That's quite a troop of Baby Jesus dolls! My favorite was Peanut's disguise as a snowman. What a creative little elf you have!