Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We let N2 open a present on their birthday before I left for work.  Noah chose his biggest present and Natalie her smallest.  Noah's was a dress up knight set.  Originally we thought Noah was going to have a knight birthday party and when I saw this set on zulily, I ordered it.  He loves this dress up set as does Natalie.  We have actually had some arguments about who gets to wear what.  The helmet is a little small but they don't care!

Here are my birthday kids.  My big six year olds.

They got to blow out candles 3 different times!  Once at their family party, one on their birthday and one at their friends party.
 N2 got a lot of Legos for their birthday which is good because they love Legos.  The both worked all their sets on our kitchen table so we had quite the collection going on!  Thank you to all our family for the gifts for N2.

At N2's friend's birthday party, Natalie got a Sofia the first bag and water bottle as well as sunglasses and a case from one of the girls who came to the party.  Natalie is not a girly girl but I caught her looking quite girly with all of these things.

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