Friday, September 30, 2011

Camping Part 2

We decided to take a walk in the woods after playing at the playground.  Grandma Weidner has a tree there so we hiked out to try to find her tree.  Hiking time was during nap time so N2 were a little tired and needed to be carried for most of the time.  They did walk a little bit but the ground was uneven or there was horse poop or we had to cross a stream so they needed to be carried.  They were troopers but unfortunately we never found Grandma's tree.  Brian thinks we took the wrong path.

We headed back to our campsites and decided to try to get N2 to rest in the tent.  We didn't expect them to sleep but we did want them to get some quiet time as they were really showing signs of being tired.  N2 thought the tent was a really fun place to play!  We heard lots of giggling and we saw parts of the tent bulging out in places.  Then finally we saw this:

They figured out the zippers and found it really fun to find all the zippers all over the tent to play with them.  Clearly that was the end of rest time!
More to come later!

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  1. I love Noah sleeping on Brian's head, and Natalie's little head poking through the tent. So cute!