Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping Part 3

The rest of the day N2 enjoyed riding their big wheels around on the concrete pads of the handicapped camping sites (there weren't any people there) and pretending to go shopping.  There was a parking block (not sure the name for those concrete things!) and so it made them think they were in a parking lot and I guess they equate parking lots with going shopping.  They would park their big wheel and go buy "food."  I love their imaginations at this age!

Brian, Dan, Paul and I played a little dodgeball with the playground balls we had brought.  We kept throwing them in the woods.  We enjoyed dinner and then had "cake" for Brian's birthday.  I made some brownies and we had candles and sang happy birthday.  N2 were quite satisfied!

Bedtime was interesting.  We put them down in the tent and Natalie would not sleep in her sleeping bag.  It was kind of chilly so we covered her with her blanket and put her sleeping bag over top of that.  They were pretty quiet after we put them down (in the morning I realized some of the window zippers were unzipped a little so they must have moved around after we put them down!)  They slept pretty well in the tent except for Natalie waking up in the middle of the night cold and having to sleep with Brian for a while.  She finally decided she could sleep in her sleeping bag so Brian was able to have his sleeping bag back!  Noah was up quite early-6:15 or so.  There was no stirring in the campground at that time and Noah decided it was time to play with Natalie.  When we tried to split them up, Noah started screaming which woke some people up.  Oh well.

In the morning we went down to the lake area and rented a paddle boat.  Brian thought N2 might enjoy it.  Noah did NOT want to get on the boat but Natalie did.  Which is stange because she was the one who hated the canoe!  Natalie got to steer the paddle boat and she sat on Brian's lap for a while-Brian said that made it a lot harder to paddle!

Noah decided he finally wanted to ride in the paddle boat, so they came back to pick him up.  Noah literally rode from one pier to the other.  That's all he wanted!
That was the end of our trip.  I think we'll go camping again.  Maybe on a warmer day!

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