Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spur of the Moment Project

The other day we did a spur of the moment project with tape (I'll post pictures another day) so today Noah kept asking to do a project.  They do a lot of projects at school so I think he's become accustomed to a project a day.  I didn't have any ideas (well I do have one but it wouldn't be able to be completed in a day) and I forgot to start searching online until close to the end of nap time.  Plus I don't have tons of supplies.  For some reason a project with baby wipes was stuck in my mind (I seem to remember a use for them but I couldn't remember what it was).  I found a way to tie dye baby wipes!  It wasn't the project I was thinking of but I thought it looked fun.

Here's what you need:
baby wipes
rubber bands

Twist up the baby wipes tightly and then secure in various places with rubber bands.  Color in between the rubber bands with markers.  Make sure to color heavily.  Undo the rubber bands and you will be able to see your tie dyed rubber bands!
Noah at first did NOT want to do this project.  He wanted to go downstairs and make a project with tape.  (He was kind of cranky after his nap)  I was trying to make dinner as well so we couldn't go downstairs.  Natalie and I made the first one-the top one on her side.  The directions said to roll it up tightly so I assumed it meant roll it up like a log.  Clearly that was not the right way.  Noah decided to participate after the first one Natalie made.  N2 needed me to help color. They weren't accurate enough to get the whole thing colored (nor was their attention span long enough).  They also couldn't roll it up or put the rubber bands on.  They would hand me rubber bands and tell me where to put them.  So not a very independent project but fun.  I also have to note that our markers would stop giving off color after a while-the tip would be clear.  I would have to color on paper to get the color back.  The examples I saw online had more color so maybe different markers would work better or maybe wetter baby wipes?  I'm not sure.

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