Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tape Project

I had seen on a blog an idea for a cool art project a while back and I never did it.  Then the other day I was looking at my cousin Kim's blog and she had done the same project with her son.  So when we had some spare time before dinner one day, I decided to find various kinds of tape and try the project too.  I found some black electrical tape, duct tape, blue painters tape and regular scotch tape.  I ripped off pieces for N2 and they put them on their paper.  At first Noah didn't want to participate but once he saw how much fun Natalie was having that he tried it too.

It was funny to watch them because Natalie just piled piece after piece on her paper without regards for where she was putting them.  Noah was deliberate in spreading his pieces out on the page.  Every once in a while they would pick up a piece and get it folded while trying to put in on the paper and hand it to me and say "this one doesn't work."  Here are their final projects.

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  1. So glad they both enjoyed the tape project! Don't they come out really neat-looking?? I'm envious of your fun-sounding day at the apple orchard. We don't have those around here! :)