Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

On Tuesday of this past week we carved our pumpkins that we picked out at the pumpkin patch.  N2 had drawn several drafts of their pumpkin faces before deciding on one face.  Noah wanted a pumpkin with 5 eyes-he wanted an alien.  Natalie was also going to have that but then she drew a regular face on her pumpkin.  We let N2 draw their faces on the pumpkin (with some help) and they also carved their pumpkin (with help).  I am just realizing that they carved each other's pumpkins.  Oops!  I had put the funny shaped one in front of Natalie at first and Brian corrected me that that one was Noah's and I think Noah did too.  But now that I go back and look at our pumpkin patch pictures, I was right!  Glad no one else noticed!

 Noah's on the left and Natalie's on the right.

1 comment:

  1. Amelia says "Aunt Becky's pumpkin has the same eyes as my pumpkin. Noah's pumpkin is funny! Natalie's pumpkin looks happy. I like its zig-zaggy mouth!"

    Megan says "Aunt Becky's pumpkin is cool. It has the same smile and nose as my pumpkin!"

    Aunt Marcie says "I love your pumpkins! Noah's is so goofy with all those alien eyes. I like the shape of the pumpkin that Natalie picked out. My girls are impressed that Natalie and Noah drew the faces themselves and helped with the carving. Did they help scoop out the gooey guts?"