Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Misc pictures

We've (well I guess I should say Brian) been remodeling our bathrooms this summer.  It all started when Brian wanted to redo the tile in N2's bathroom because it was cracked.  I'm not sure why the need was more pressing in their bathroom and not ours (our tile is cracked too) but I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.  We were just going to do the floor but then we ended up doing so much more!  I need to take some pictures and then post them so you can see but that will be another post!

Anywho, we did A LOT of visits to home improvement stores for buying things, returning things and pricing things out.  N2 had to spend a lot of time waiting.  Natalie learned that she could sit in the carts at Lowes or maybe this was a cart at Home Depot.  I can't remember!

We also had to sit in the car and wait for Brian to return things and they had fun driving the car.
 They also got treated to a lunch at Einstein Bagels one day since we were spending more time at a home improvement store.  They found the railing really fun in the checkout line (it wrapped around and made almost a circle-they both could fit inside it).
We were at the grocery store the other day and N2 saw a printed ad for detergent on the ground and thought it was a hopscotch board.  Not sure why a grocery store would have a hopscotch board for them but that is how their mind works!  We stayed for a few minutes so they could play "hopscotch."

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  1. Their hopscotch playing is hilarious! It's amazing how observant kids are... I wouldn't have thought twice about seeing those pics on the floor. Natalie's pigtails are so cute in these photos!