Sunday, January 24, 2016

Zoo lights

The week after Christmas we went to Lincoln Park Zoo to see their zoo lights.  We decided to go down later in the afternoon (well, public transportation was pretty slow too) which was a mistake because part of the zoo closes at 4:30 or so and we weren't able to see half the zoo.  Lesson for next year!

We stopped at the Conservatory first.  They had one greenhouse decorated for Christmas and had trains up.

 I love the variegated poinsettias!

Then we went to the zoo.  We did get to see a few animals outside which we normally don't see like the snow leopard, puma, lynx and more.  They were right up against the fence.

We did see the primate houses but that was about it.  The lights are really cool-they had lights all over trees, lights that danced to music and scenes made out of lights.  Definitely a fun thing to see!

They had ice carving demonstrations every night.  My kids were pretty fascinated by that.

By the end of seeing the lights my kids were tired, hungry and cold.  Not the best combination :)  There is really nothing to eat around the zoo so we ended up taking a bus down to Michigan Avenue and eating down there.  The street right by the zoo was a nightmare and made the buses run so slowly so we learned how to do things differently for next year.

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