Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas morning

Our morning was a little rushed right at the beginning because we wanted to go to church at 8 and Natalie could have slept in that morning so she was a bit tired until we got home to open Christmas presents.  I tried a crock pot breakfast casserole with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls which was a total flop.  I ended up having to put it in the oven to get it to cook and it still wasn't all that tasty.  This is a public service announcement for you if you ever decide you want to try it.  Just an ooey-gooey mess in the middle and burned around the outside.

Anyways, N2 were very excited about their gifts from Santa this year.

Natalie actually got the same Lego set from Uncle Dan, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul but she wasn't at all phased about it.  Santa included a note with his present about how he couldn't go back to the North Pole to get something else because he was already flying around and had packed his sleigh.  She was able to return the one from the aunts and uncles and pick out some Playmobil sets.  They got fun stuff in their stockings like light up tooth brushes, fuzzy sleep socks, new water bottles that are leakproof, stackable crayons, small lego sets and more.  Natalie got a fuzzy panda sleep mask which she wears every night (plus she still has it on the top of her head right now at 10;30 am).

 Natalie got fleece footy pajamas that have a hood.  She would wear them all day every day if I would let her.  She wears the hood up when she goes to bed but she does take it off at some point when she sleeps.  She just makes me warm looking at her.  I have a picture of her wearing it that I will post another day.
I took some pictures of them in front of the Christmas tree.  I was trying out some new photography strategies but I didn't have my light right.

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  1. I love the photo of them together with their missing front teeth!