Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Day

We went down to my parent's house for Christmas day around lunch time.  We started with pictures because we know how challenging it can be taking pictures with young kids.  We started with just the cousins (sorry about Natalie's dress in the first picture, she doesn't wear dresses often), then grandparents and grandchildren then Grace with the kids.  The older kids clearly wanted their m&m!

We then had a delicious meal of brisket (requested by Amelia), smashed potatoes, vegetables, strawberries and grapes, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  Nathaniel loved cranberry sauce!  After dinner we opened presents.  Natalie got a little sad because she thought she didn't have any presents but I told her that the huge present in the corner of the room was hers and that she would love it.  She helped me open my presents and Grandpa's presents.

Then it was finally time for her to open her big present.  This was from Marcie's family and Amelia and Megan were SO excited for Natalie to open her present.  They saw this and immediately thought of Natalie and wanted to buy it for her for Christmas.  What a wonderful thing to celebrate the season of giving!

Amelia and Megan were completely right when they thought Natalie would love this gift.  She truly does!  We have had to set down some ground rules and there have been some tears but she has excitedly shown it off to anyone who has come over and she rides on it every day.

After the gift giving and opening the kids played with new toys (i.e. the horse) while Nathaniel fought napping.  We got out the ag board for the kids to play a game.
Nathaniel wanted to play too so he got his own board and played with the marbles.  He was great at matching them up!

We definitely had a fun Christmas and we're looking forward to celebrating with David's family too!

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