Friday, December 18, 2015

Botanic Gardens HallowFest

Mom had bought tickets for us to attend a Halloween party at the Botanic Gardens but mom wasn't feeling well so Brian and I took N2.  It was a beautiful day!  Sunny and warm (for October).  The kids wore their costumes and everyone seemed to love Noah's Harry Potter costume.  Noah loved his costume and wore the robe and glasses for several weeks before Halloween.  I think he makes a pretty cute and contemplative Harry.

We got to see the outdoor train exhibit and got there right when Mt. St. Helens was erupting.  We also saw Old Faithful a couple times.
Noah liked that there was a bear attack and they both liked Mt. Rushmore since we had been there this past summer.

We then went to see a presentation by the Frog Lady.  She showed lots of frogs and reptiles. Natalie was particularly intrigued by the bearded dragons, probably because the lady put hats on them and they just sit where you put them.  Natalie now wants bearded dragons.  (The snake in the top picture is not real but they could have held a snake and they chose not to).

We then waited to see fortune tellers which turned out to be real mediums.  I don't think N2 got it at all.  Oh well, we know for the future.  We took a ride around on the tram and then headed home as it was getting to be pretty late.  We had a great time.  Sorry you couldn't join us that day, Mom.

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