Sunday, December 20, 2015

Carving Pumpkins

We had TONS of pumpkins this year: we each picked one out at the pumpkin patch, N2 each got one on a field trip and they each got one from another event (I can't remember what event anymore).  I thought we would only carve the big ones but N2 were insistent that we carve ALL  the pumpkins.  That meant scooping out 8 pumpkins.  Luckily it was a beautiful October day (too bad it didn't stay that way for Halloween) and we were able to do it outside.  I started it when I got home from work, then N2 helped me when they got off the bus.  We had them all scooped out by the time Brian got home (lucky him!)  I did make N2 scoop out the small pumpkins.
 Then they designed their faces using chalk on the driveway and drew the faces on the pumpkins.  They carved the pumpkins pretty much entirely themselves.  I love how independent they are!

I took pictures of them another day with their pumpkins.  It was red ribbon week at school and it was mustache day (not sure what that has to do with red ribbon week but I have stopped trying to figure out their school-it generally doesn't make sense).  They wanted to take pictures with their mustaches on.

Here are our pumpkins lit up at night.

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