Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Baby teeth Halloween

Here are some random pictures from October.  Here is Natalie with our newest nephew/cousin, Jacob and Noah with some missing teeth (he was missing his middle top 2 teeth and 2 bottom teeth (not the two in the middle but the ones next to the middle) all at the same time so we called him Toothless for a while.  But one on the bottom and one on the top grew in pretty quickly so he wasn't Toothless for long.  He still is missing one on his top and one on the bottom is taking a long time to grow in.

 Here are pictures from Halloween.  We were supposed to go up to Marcie's but Amelia was sick with a fever and we didn't want our kids to get sick.  It would have been so much fun though.  We ended up going up the following weekend.

 We got together at Dan's house so all of the grandchildren were together.  Jacob is the very hungry caterpillar and Chloe is the butterfly from the book.  Charlie is a robot and Lily is a ladybug.

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