Saturday, December 26, 2015

Minute to Win It Games Part 1

N2 and I went up to Marcie's house the first weekend in November.  We stayed overnight on Friday and some of the kids were up at 5:20 am on Saturday morning.  Needless to say the kids were tired and we needed something for them to do (Megan ended up developing a fever so we needed something for the older 3 to do while Nathaniel napped).  We decided to have N2 and Amelia play minute to win it games.  It was hilarious watching them!

The first one we played was using a straw to transfer m&m's from one plate to another.  It was hard!

Then we had them use their straws to blow pompoms across a line on the table.

We then had them balance dice on a tongue depressor in their mouths.  Marcie didn't have dice ready but she had story cubes.  They may have been a little large.  I think the most the kids could get were 4.  The tongue depressors were colored and the dye came off when they were in their mouths.  Natalie had quite red teeth!

 We then got out some tights and put a penny in the bottom of the feet that they had to get out while having each arm in each leg.  I think this was an easy one for them.

Then we put lots of pennies at the bottom of the tights, put the tights on their heads and had them try to knock over a line of water bottles.  Marcie and I participated in this one.  It was pretty fun!

We then gave the kids a thin mint and placed it on their forehead.  They had to use their facial muscles to get the cookie to their mouths.  This was hilarious!  It was really hard.  You have to start with the cookie by your eye rather than in the middle of your forehead.

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