Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cookie making

N2 and I went to Mom and Dad's house one day after Thanksgiving and made Christmas cookies.  N2 were very eager to help in the kitchen and we spent the whole time just making and decorating cookies.  We started with Christmas tree press cookies.  N2 really wanted to use some of the other shapes so we made chocolate cookies too in the shape of camels, dogs, flowers, and more.  Nothing says Christmas like a chocolate camel with blue and green or pink sugar :)  Dad tried to use the cookie press that his parents used but it wouldn't cut the cookie off so he had to go back to his own cookie gun.

We also made 7 step bars, gingerbread men, sugar cookies and started the pecan puffs (we rolled them into balls but didn't have time to bake them).  This year my kids were very careful to cut the cookies close to the edges and close to each other so clearly 6 3/4 in the age where the finally learn to be spatially aware when cutting cookies.  They even made sure that they cut the exact same number of each shape of sugar cookie (clearly they are my children).  They made some gingerbread men with tons of red hots for Grandpa, Daddy and Aunt Marcie.

Natalie even helped mom make lunch and used a knife to cut tomatoes.

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