Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Elf Returns

Peanut returned to our house on Sunday, November 29th.  N2 were very excited to see him and they have a lot of fun tracking him down every day.  They have even taken it upon themselves to hide elves for Brian and I to find (I'm not sure if Noah has figured it out or not but he is definitely questioning things.  Natalie still buys into it all).

The first day Peanut streamered the kids into their rooms.  They kept the streamers up all day and went in and out of their rooms by crawling under the bottom streamer.

 Peanut hung out with the penguins in the freezer with the ice cubes,
played cards with four armed Mr. Potato head, 
 drew minions on the bananas (which N2 loved and ran around the house yelling bananas in minion talk), 
 walked the dogs and panda (it was a pain to get him to stand-he did get surgery to have wires added to his arms and legs but that didn't help),
zipline across the living room to the Christmas tree (he did move throughout the day),

got tied up by lego guys (this is the one Noah couldn't figure out-he questioned how the lego guys got there),
 (poor Santa was even in handcuffs)
 and practiced yoga on the wii board.

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  1. I LOVE these ideas! You have such a sneaky little elf. :) My favorites are the zipline and the minions on the bananas. Peanut is quite the artist!