Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Corn Maze

Noah's Cub Scout troop had an outing to the corn maze.  It was Boy Scout day there so there were tons of groups there.  We walked around the maze on our own.  It was packed-I don't think I've seen so many people there!  It was another beautiful and warm weekend in October (we've had pretty warm weather this fall/winter except for around Halloween).  N2 tried to lead us from one checkpoint to another.  They could do OK but we did have to reorient the map for them and correct some of their mistakes so that we didn't get off track.

They have so many things to do at the corn maze now besides just the maze itself.  They have huge slides that N2 love, bouncy pillows, and so much more to play on plus other things you can pay to do (like zip line).  I have more pictures of Natalie because I had to follow her around and Brian and Noah split off to do some other things.

I had to buy Natalie overalls for her Halloween costume and she has fallen in love with them.  She wears them whenever they are clean and calls them her "ogrealls" which is quite cute.  I told her I used to love having young kids in overalls because they were easy to hold on to so they needed us to demonstrate (Noah wanted in on the action even though he doesn't have overalls).

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