Monday, December 21, 2015

More Peanut Antics

Here is more mischief that Peanut has gotten into since the last time I posted.  Peanut made N2's lunches one day with really yummy food.  Natalie really wanted to take the can of pumpkin with her to school.  We let them have hot lunch that day although Natalie chose to have Brian make her a different lunch instead of hot lunch.
 Peanut made them elf cereal the next day that included m&ms, mini marshmallows, pretzels, cheez-its, craisins, raisins, and cereal.
 He took the stockings down and put up underwear.
 Peanut lost his hat in a very hard spot and N2 basically gave up trying to find it.  It was hidden behind my potted plant.  Natalie finally spotted it (after me telling them to look in all the corners) when she was seated at the table for a meal.

 We had baked cookies the day before and Peanut overindulged in sweet treats.
 N2 were not excited to see that all the baby Jesuses were taken out of their nativity scenes.  They are very protective of my nativity scenes. :)
 Elf sized pancakes returned!  This is something that N2 have been asking for as it is a tradition each year.  Peanut made them pretty tiny this year!

Peanut has also been seen sitting on a cactus, being a replacement for baby Jesus in a nativity scene (again N2 did not like this) and he drew faces on their faces with face paint crayons while they were sleeping and left them a note to look in the mirror but it all rubbed off (but I can't see anything on their blankets) by the time they woke up and they stared at the mirror for a while before getting frustrated and giving up.  I could see faint lines on Natalie's face so I pointed that out and then redrew the cat faces on.

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