Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Tree

Back the first weekend in December among all the events going on that weekend we went to pick out a Christmas tree at Richardson's Farm.  We've been cutting down our Christmas trees there since we got married.  Dale and Mary Kay go with us and help keep N2 busy and occupied while I search for the perfect tree.  I know at some point my kids are going to have more of an opinion but so far I have been able to sway them to like the tree that I have picked :)

 Here Natalie is guarding one of the trees that I thought would be good.  We ultimately decided on a different tree.
 My kids pretend to be trees while they stand on tree stumps around the farm.
 N2 decided they were going to haul the tree themselves.  Didn't work too well.

There was tons of greenery around where we were waiting for the wagon to come back.  Natalie decided to be a peacock and Noah had fun hiding (again channeling his inner Peeta although the picture does not show how well he could hide with his green coat).

There were tons of these milkweed pods around the trees and I thought they were really cool looking.
 We decorated our tree later that same day after all the craziness of the Girl Scout/Boy Scout stuff.

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