Friday, June 17, 2016

Houston Day 2

On the second day in Houston we stuck around the area where Amy lives.  Her multiples group was doing an outing at a strawberry picking place so we decided to go along.  We're used to hanging out with twins and we certainly can't pick strawberries in March in Chicago!  It was interesting to see how strawberry patches are set up in Houston.  The farm was packed in between houses and the plants were separated from the one next to it and much smaller than what we see up here.  Kids were very enthusiastic in their picking and we ended up with some that weren't quite ripe :)  We also had a lot of strawberries go in mouths instead of in the bags :)  It was a good time!

We went back to Amy's house and had lunch, play time and some reading time.  N2 read to Jaden and Cody which they seemed to really like!

While Jaden and Cody were taking a nap, we took N2 to Jaden and Cody's favorite park.  Once they were done napping, they joined us at the park.  N2 LOVED the zip line they had there as did Jaden and Cody.  Natalie could have played on that the whole time.  I think Noah did get bored of it and wanted other kids to play with him elsewhere but the other kids were happy to stay on the zip line.  They invented a game where the kid that was zip lining would try to bump into Noah and knock him off the tire.  That seemed to keep him occupied.

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