Saturday, September 10, 2016

Houston Day 3

On our third day in Houston, we headed to Galveston to go to the beach so N2 could see the ocean.  It was supposed to be the warmest day that we were in Houston but it was still a little cool and breezy to go swimming.  The kids didn't seem to mind until they had played for a while.  We started the day by going on the free ferry where we saw dolphins in the water.  N2 stayed out on the deck the whole time and Natalie even talked Brian into going to the bottom level where they get very wet as a big wave came up and soaked all the people at the front of the boat.  I didn't get a picture because that happened as soon as they got down to the first level.

Then it was beach time!  It was awesome to watch N2's first reaction to the water.  They both just ran around and around through the waves.  The ocean was definitely different for them than all the lakes the have gone swimming in.  Even though it was on the cooler side, my kids played in the water for a long time!  They really loved the ocean!

Amy's boys liked to run in the water and follow what Natalie and Noah were doing.
 They loved trying to jump over the waves and run away from the waves.  They also tried to body surf through the waves but were not very successful :)

Jaden and Cody got a little cold so Amy took them to play in the playground while N2 continued to splash around the ocean a little longer.  On the way back to Amy and Jason's home, most people took a nap (Natalie is awake in the back).

Thank you Amy, Jaden and Cody for going to the beach with us even though it was on the cool side!  We had a wonderful time showing N2 the ocean for the first time!

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  1. We loved having an excuse to go again! Believe it or not, we haven't been back since the weather has actually gotten warm. We need more visitors to take there. :) So glad N2 enjoyed it!