Monday, September 12, 2016

Houston Day 4

We left Amy and Jason's home in the morning and headed to NASA which we figured would be a highlight of the trip for Noah.  We took a tour of the inside of the space shuttle they have there as well as a tour of the training facilities.

 Natalie is standing by the astronaut's toilet in the picture below.  They thought it was interesting that the toilet was right by where the astronauts could move from one level to the other.  (Admittedly I felt that the location lacked a lot of privacy).

In the kid's area there was a a mock up of an Apollo capsule where people could crawl into and sit/lay in seats and watch a video of a take off.  I chose not to go in :)  Brian said it was a little tight sitting/laying in the chair.
 On our tour of the training facilities, we rode a little tram around the campus which is very large!

The training center was jammed packed full of simulators and other equipment.  There was no one there training when we went, bummer, but it certainly looked liked someone had just been there.  They didn't clean up after themselves, tools and hardware were just laying around all over the place.
The tour ended at the building where the Saturn V rocket is housed.

We then returned to the museum and looked around at the displays-I think Natalie was getting a little bored at this point.  Brian and Noah could have spent more time at NASA but Natalie and I saw pretty much everything.  We also wanted to leave to get to Kim's house before dinner-Houston traffic is pretty awful!

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