Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Houston Day 6

We went to two different Easter events on this day.  We started out by going to Kim and Matt's church for an Easter egg hunt and a resurrection walk.  Amy brought Jaden and Cody so we ended up with 7 kids there.  We started by going to the resurrection walk and ended up waiting in line for quite some time.  The kids amused themselves by making piles and playing following the leader.  I like how the boys were all in blue and how Natalie (the only girl) is off to the side of the pile but yet wants to be in the pile.

We also tried to do a second cousin line up which is is not easy to do with young kids.
 We let them take a silly picture at the end.
The resurrection walk was really neat.  Volunteers and members of the youth group were positioned around the building and would act out various parts of the Passion.  We had a guide who led us from room to room.  This was such a great way to bring the story of the Passion to children to help them understand the story.  I wish somewhere around here would do something like this.

After the walk we went to an egg hunt (although it's hard to call it an egg hunt because the eggs are all over the grass and kids just have to pick them up, maybe I should call it an egg gathering).

After the egg gathering we played some carnival games and had lunch provided by the church.  My kids had a lot of fun!

Later in the afternoon we went to Amy and Jason's church for the helicopter egg drop.  There were a ton of people there!  We made our way to the sidelines to wait for the helicopter to come and drop candy.  The eggs were already on the ground (the eggs would have broken if dropped).  Jason was on stage which was in the drop area.  When the helicopter started dropping candy in that area, some of the people covered their heads so that candy didn't hit them on the head.  The helicopter dropped tons of candy!

 You can tell from the picture above that there were tons of people there.  I can't remember which of my kids only picked up candy (I think it was Natalie).  She realized she would get more candy by picking up what the helicopter dropped rather than going for eggs (that didn't all have candy in them).
After that I took N2 to the bluebonnet patch to take pictures.  It was a busy day but very fun!

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