Thursday, September 15, 2016


On Easter morning we went to Kim and Matt's church for a breakfast and church.  We got to sign the Hallelujah chorus during church!  After we got back, the Easter bunny had to hide eggs.  Each kid got a certain color of egg.  Some eggs were hidden a little too hard and they were never found!  The Easter bunny made a mistake of putting chocolate in the eggs because some of it melted from the time they were hidden to when they were found.  Oops!  One of the Easter bunnies wasn't accustomed to Houston weather.

 At the end of the egg hunt, my kids tried to catch lizards.  I think Ian was much better at it than my kids.  He must have practice!
After a delicious meal, it was time for us to pack up and head home.  We had such a great time in Houston and Natalie and Noah loved playing with their second cousins and I loved visiting with my cousins. Thanks so much for your hospitality Kim and Amy!

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  1. Ok, so in that photo of your kids with Kim's kids, Noah looks like he fits in perfectly with Kim's family. I think he actually looks more like Ryan and Nathan than Ian does! (I think it's just his hair and expression in that photo, but it is interesting to see the family resemblance, especially because I usually think Noah looks so much like the Weidners.)

    Also, the Easter bunny cracks me up. I would never have thought that you couldn't hide chocolate filled eggs at Easter. Even in Houston.