Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Visit to Madison

I decided that I really should sort through pictures and start blogging again so that I remember what we did!  I have a ways to go and many pictures to sort though.  I randomly decide to start with the April 2017 folder so our first post is going to be about Easter weekend.  We decided to spend Easter with Marcie and her family in Madison.  On Saturday we attended a free program that was sponsored by some department at the University of Wisconsin.  Apparently these classes are offered regularly!  This class was making a coloring robot.  The kids got the following supplies (I took this picture at the end of the project).

They were tasked with making a robot that would color on the page.  The first step was to tape the markers on the cup so that the cup would balance.  Most of the kids taped their markers on the outside but Natalie taped hers on the inside.  Then you had to tape the battery and the motor to the top of the cup.  Then it was time to connect the wires.  There was a rod that you had to put the mini clothespin on so that the cup would move.  The kids thought this was great fun and loved watching the cup rotate.  Some rotated in small circles and some in large circles.  Others would skip a little and others moved smoothly.  Some moved faster than others.  It was neat to see how they were all different and how little changes could impact the movements!

Here are what the robots looked like as they moved.

They certainly had a lot of fun!  There was a small space museum right next door that was open so we went inside to see what they had.  There was a large Morse code lever that the kids enjoyed.  They would type their names in and do various letters for us to guess.
 More to come later!

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