Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Treats

I wanted to make something different and not so messy for N2 to take to school on Friday.  I was going to do cupcakes but I really didn't want to make another cake since I was already making 2 cakes for Saturday.  I've been wanting to make Rice Krispie treat Hershey kisses so I gave them a go for N2's birthday.  I think they turned out really cute and they weren't that hard to make as long as you have a funnel.  I did break my wooden spoon while mixing the Rice Krispie treats.
All you do is make a regular recipe of Rice Krispie treats.  Butter a small funnel and push the treats in.  They will pop right out since the funnel is buttered.  You also need to butter the aluminum foil.  Make sure your square of aluminum foil is not too big or else they will be hard to wrap and also get to look nice.

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  1. They turned out really cute! I like the tags you made. And I think your wrapping job looks a lot better than mine. Plus, I used PAM spray on my aluminum foil, and Ben said that some of it stuck to the treats (especially around the areas where I had cut the foil so it wasn't so bulky) so maybe buttering the foil is a better idea than spraying it. I will definitely make these again though. Did Natalie and Noah like them?