Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Third birthday-food and decorations

I wanted to make theme related food but it's kind of hard to make food music related!  I found one idea online-to make a keyboard using different colors sandwiches.  But there were not any other ideas.  There's also not many decorations out there for a music birthday unless you want just black and white or pop music icons.  So I decided to go with bright colors for tableware.  I did find some music confetti and my school has a die cut for a treble clef so I posted those around.  Brian had some bulletin board music notes that I posted as well.

Here is our menu:
-White bread and cheese sandwiches, pumpernickel and cheese sandwiches made into a piano keyboard
(plus lunchmeats and cheeses for sandwiches)
-Fresh veggies laid out in a music note
-Fresh fruit that Brian made into a music staff that wrote out the melody to "Down By the Station"
-Veggie Straws (drumsticks-I know it may be a stretch!)
-Round pickles slices (titled "pickleos"-thanks Marcie for finding that idea for me!)
-Music cakes

Here's the centerpiece I made using party horns.

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