Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Third birthday-the activities part 2

Sorry I left you stranded with the big activity we did!  We're battling ear infections and fevers after just finishing up pneumonia.  It had better be spring soon!

After playing our games, the marching band arrived!  Brian asked some of his students to come to our house to march around the block with us!  Brian's students were very enthusiastic and set up a Facebook group and at one point 42 students said they would be there!  That had me worried!  By the day or two before there were only about 15 students coming.  I think we had 7 students who showed up and one mom.  We set off with our banner and marching band hats.  Everyone grabbed an instrument.

Natalie marched with Grandma and Grandpa Dueber the whole time and played the recorder.  Noah started with a drum with Grandpa Weidner but then quickly gave the drum away.  Then he grabbed the instruments that Aunt Marcie had (both hers and Megan's) and gave them to Grandpa Weidner so that he could hold Aunt Marcie's hand.  I'm not sure why he wouldn't participate but he just didn't want to.  He did walk the whole time.  Poor Aunt Marcie who was at the back of the parade the whole time bringing up the rear!

We had one neighbor who came out and cheered for us as we passed by.  That was fun!  Here's our band.  You'll notice in the last picture how far back some of us are!  The front of the band did march in place and keep playing (well the drummer did) at our house until we caught up!

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