Friday, November 7, 2014

Busy Bees Adventure Farm

We met up with Marcie's family at the beginning of October at the Busy Bees Adventure Farm in Ft. Atkinson.  This is our 3rd time meeting them there and all of the kids still love it!  It was much more crowded than we had experienced in the past.  The kids really enjoyed the big slid in the loft of the barn.  We put Nathaniel down the small slide and he seemed to like it for the most part except for the fact that Aunt Becky was catching him.

All the kids tried out the can stilts this year.  They get better at them each time we visit the farm.

We spent a lot of time in the corn crib.  The kids were much more willing this year to have corn poured on them.  From my pictures, it appears that Natalie had more corn poured on her than other people.  Nathaniel got to play in the corn too.  Marcie only had to fish out corn from his mouth twice (I think).  We did have to stop him from putting corn in his mouth several other times.  The kids also took turns being buried in the corn.

 They loved the obstacle course this year.  Sometimes my kids would bypass some of the obstacles so that they could keep up with Amelia.  They loved swinging on the rope at the end of the course.  They didn't try to climb up it.
 The corn maze was popular this year (there were lots of other people in it).  We had to answer trivia questions to figure out which way to go.  Most answers were true and they quickly realized that so they would run down the false path until it was a dead end and then run back.  We had to slow them down several times because there were slower people ahead of us-littler kids, strollers, walkers, etc, so I had them hop back or skip or walk.  Megan did a great job following the instructions each time.  The older kids just wanted to beat each other!

The hamster wheel tracks were very popular.  The kids tried to push Ben but Brian had to help!

Noah was really interested in trying to lasso/loop the cows.  After a while Aunt Marcie came over and we played loop Noah.  He thought that was a lot of fun!

Here are some random other pictures from the farm.  We had a great time!  I did miss the hog hustle (or whatever it was called) instead of chasing chickens.  I wonder if their pigs weren't old enough?

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  1. Those are really cute pictures! I haven't even looked at mine yet, although I did download them at least, so when I take a look I will let you know which ones of yours I want a copy of. I especially like the action shot of the corn falling on Natalie's head. My kids had such a fun time with your kids, and they are already asking when we can go back. I told them we'd find a weekend in the spring to meet up there again.