Sunday, November 2, 2014


Last weekend we carved our pumpkins.  It was gorgeous outside so we were able to do all of it outside and keep the mess out of the house.  I think that is the first time we could do that!  Noah did a lot of the carving himself but I helped Natalie as her cuts were much smaller and needed to be more precise.  I made them empty out some of their pumpkin themselves, first with their hands which they thought was disgusting and then with a spoon.  I think Brian had to do most of it.

 Natalie was determined to have a kitty cat pumpkin.  Noah just kept adding more shapes to his pumpkin.  I think he called them scars.  The pumpkin does have booggers coming out of his nose.

 My pumpkin is on the left and Brian's is on the right.  Natalie picked out the face for me to carve.  My jack-o-lantern did NOT stay lit on Halloween because it was too windy and the mouth was too open.  I may need to light it tonight to see how it looks as a jack o lantern.  I think the pumpkins are going to have to go soon because they are already molding.

Brian had hoped his scare would have shown up with the light from inside the pumpkin but it didn't.  Maybe he needed to cut it a little deeper.


  1. Natalie's pumpkin is so cute - my girls would love it! I am so impressed that Noah carved most of his pumpkin himself. My kids thought the pumpkin guts were disgusting, too. I thought maybe your kids would like the guts, but I guess not!

  2. I love seeing the difference in your kids' personalities with how they carved their pumpkins! They both look great all lit up!