Monday, November 3, 2014


On Columbus Day both N2 and I had the day off school but Brian did not.  I took the kids down to Mom and Dad's house to make donuts and to work on Natalie's costume.  We only made cake donuts.  N2 helped roll the dough, cut donuts and ice donuts.  Dad had taken them to Steak N Shake and they brought back their m&m's and chocolate chips that should have gone in their milkshake.  They used these to decorate the donuts.


  1. Does Natalie's jumper still fit her this year? Megan's is way too short! Does Natalie have any really wiggly teeth yet? They both look like they are taking donut making very seriously!

  2. What fun, fall activities your family has been doing! Making donuts always reminds me of Grandma. I'm glad your mom is carrying on the tradition with Noah & Natalie. :)