Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cousin Sleepover

The night before N2's family birthday party, we invited Amelia and Megan to sleep over at our house.  Marcie and Ben came down and visited with us a short while before leaving to stay at Mom and Dad's house with Nathaniel.  Mom and Dad watched Nathaniel so they could go out on Valentine's Day.  We had a great time with Amelia and Megan!  We had cleaned up the house for the party so we had to limit what the kids played with.  They played quite a bit with dress up clothes and had parades around the house.  Alas I did not get any pictures of this.  Megan liked to play with Playmobil in Noah's room.  We told them they could watch a movie before it was bedtime.  Our intention was to put them to bed early so they could stay up a talk for a while but they didn't get to bed too early.  They decided they wanted to watch The Lego Movie since we were having a Lego party the next day.  Here they are watching at the beginning. Everyone wanted to sit by Amelia.
We had them eat dinner while watching the movie.  We served cheese pizza and they ate A LOT!  They were very intent on watching the movie while eating.
The end of the movie was kind of scary for Amelia and Megan.  Amelia choose to cuddle with Natalie and a bear.  Megan cuddled with Brian when it got scary.  Noah decided to join them.

After the movie we had the kids put on pjs and then read books.  Amelia and Megan bought N2 a very funny book for their birthday which they allowed N2 to open that night.  We had read The Book with No Pictures from the library and N2 just loved it.  Amelia and Megan really enjoy the book too so they bought it for N2 after hearing that N2 wanted it for their birthday.  Brian reads this book really well.  Here are all the kids enjoying the book.

After the book it was bedtime.  We had all the kids in sleeping bags in Natalie's room.  We told them they could talk until 8:00 pm but that they hadn't to stay in their sleeping bags.  We went up when we heard lots of moving around and they had all reconfigured where they were sleeping.  At 8 we went up to tell them they had to be quiet.  We had to go up again about 20 minutes later or so because they were still talking and moving around.  I think Megan was asleep by this point but the older kids were not.  We went up again around 9 and Noah may have been asleep.  Natalie moved to her bed and that was the last time we had to go up.  So it was definitely a success!  They were up by 6 am because someone got up to use the bathroom.  I went in at 6 to tell them to quiet down.  Brian went in a little later and sat there to make sure everyone stayed quiet for a little while longer.  The kids were tired later in the day but not too tired and they definitely enjoyed having a sleepover.  They want to do it again and we would be more than happy to have Amelia and Megan stay over again!

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  1. Oh, it's so much fun to see photos of my kids from times when I wasn't around. They are so cute all snuggled up (they don't seem to get scared of the Lego movie when they watch it at our house) and I love the last photo of Brian reading to them. I knew he would be a dramatic reader of that book. My girls had a great time at your house, thanks so much for having them!