Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day

N2 had their Valentine's Day party at school on Wednesday.  I had planned their valentine cards a while back but just hadn't taken the pictures off my camera.  I tried to convince them to just do cards for their friends but they wanted nothing to do with that.  Noah chose a space them of course and Natalie chose horses (another of course).  Noah's were a little bit of a pain to make because they all had to be hand cut and hand written.

Their teacher sent home a heart for us to decorate and then send back.  I think she just wanted some decoration in her classroom.  I'm tired of N2 making collages so we decided to paint with marbles.  I like this kind of painting because it's not messy!  It didn't last too long though but that is OK because I wasn't looking for something time consuming.  Maybe if they had each just painted with one marble it would have occupied them for a while longer.

 I didn't cut the heart out first and that was a mistake because I couldn't tell where the lines were for the most part after they had painted.

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  1. I love how your marble hearts turned out! I'm sure that my boys would love doing this activity. These easy-to-do crafts that come out looking so nice are always my favorite! :)