Wednesday, February 25, 2015

N2's Lego Party-Family

Here are some pictures from N2's family pictures.  Everyone came for their party-we are so lucky!  We had 24 people in our house!  We had a card table set up in the living room, our dining room table was stretched to the max and we had the kids' table for N2, Amelia and Megan.

Nathaniel, Jonathan and Chloe were too little for all the Lego games so we had Duplos for them to play with.  They played with those for a while and also played with other toys we had.  Jonathan loves our little piano!  Most of the games were being played with in the living room so the younger kids could be in the play area although both of these pictures were not taken in the play area!  Abigail and Charlie also played with our other toys at some point.
Chloe liked playing with her dad's empty bottle

Here are N2 with their cake.

I let all the kids pick which color cake they wanted.  Natalie wanted red.  The red was very heavy on food coloring so it stained her teeth pink!

Even the adults got into building!
Some miscellaneous pictures:

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