Monday, January 19, 2015

The Zoo

On Sunday we went with Brian's family to the zoo because it was nice weather for Chicago in January.  I think it was close to 40.  It really felt nice to be outside!  There were quite a few animals still outside and for the first time we saw the lions, tiger and leopard active.  Both the lion and tiger showed off the power of their voices while we were there.  We discovered later that the lion was waiting to be fed because when we walked by again, they both had very large bones that they were gnawing on.

Natalie insisted on pushing Chloe in the stroller for most of the zoo trip.  She was not the best driver but she was determined to continue.  On a side note, this stroller was so fantastically easy to push!
We had a good time in the penguin building.  Here is Charlie being swallowed by a fish and Chloe enjoying the fish.

 Noah had fun wearing other people's hats and coats during lunch (actually Natalie and Grandpa were having fun too).  We also had fun with the wall of cut outs.

The Hamill play zoo is free during the months of January and February so we enjoyed a visit there.  N2 love the veterinarian space.  They have added some items since the last time we were there including the scrubs.

 Natalie is the acting director of the zoo.  She discovered that the phone in the office actually connected to the phone outside the office.  She kept ordering me to the office.  Then when Brian told her the tigers were loose, she ordered me to capture the tigers.  Hmmm...maybe she has a future in zoo administration!
 Noah painted his face and told us that he is supposed to a tiger.  I'm not sure how many tigers he has seen if this is what he thinks they look like!

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