Thursday, January 1, 2015


We watched our niece Chloe one day in December.  We warned N2 that they couldn't play with their little toys while she was awake.  We don't have a lot of baby toys but we do have big blocks.  We told N2 that they could build towers for Chloe and she would like to knock them down.  We basically just played with big blocks the whole time she was awake at our house!  Chloe really took to Natalie!  She pulled herself up on Natalie's collar at one point and Natalie had no idea what to do.  After a minute I took pity on Natalie and moved Chloe away.  Chloe is a tricky one to get to eat.  I had to follow her around and get her to take sips here and there.  She was too busy being on the move!

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