Monday, January 5, 2015

Playing with Presents

N2 could not wait to play with all their new presents.  They got a few craft items in their stocking and for Christmas.  They wanted to paint on Christmas but I told them they couldn't.  They had to wait until the next day.  The first thing they painted were these little plaster monsters that came in their stockings.  They came with small tubs of paint.  It was quite interesting to see how N2 painted these differently.

N2 got Disney books and device that reads the books to them (they need to select the book and press a button for each page).  Brian's aunt and her family bought these for N2.  Natalie LOVES hers!  She listened to each book more than once. (Yes she is at the top of the stairs in the hallway-I guess she was so excited to read them that she couldn't wait to get to her room!)
Here is Noah with his space outfit and his lego rocket ship.

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