Sunday, January 4, 2015


N2 were very excited to go downstairs to see what Santa brought them.  We make them wait at the top of the stairs.

Santa got them some very fun things in their stocking and one of the favorite things was a toothbrush that flashes for a minute.  Here Natalie is demonstrating.
Noah got a rocket ship lego kit from Santa and Natalie got a playmobil horse kit.   She was very excited to see her horses and Noah couldn't wait to put the legos together. In fact, we probably didn't need to get Noah other Christmas presents because he wasn't interested in opening other presents!

Both kids got a small lego set in their stocking.  Natalie got to work on it right away while we were getting breakfast ready and showering.  Perhaps Natalie could have used more legos.
A little later in the morning Grandma and Grandpa Dueber came over for lunch.  We had N2 wait to open the rest of their presents until they got there.  Noah's presents were mainly space themed.  You can tell how excited he was.
Brian came up with the idea of buying 3 year journals for the kids. It will be interesting to see how their answers change in the next 3 years!
The kids got some movies, personalized plates and the journals.  Natalie got things related to horses as she loves horses.  She also got an easy bake oven which we haven't tried yet.
Noah liked to put the bows on his head when he took them off the packages.  It was hard to catch a picture before he took it off!

Here are some pictures of the family on Christmas.

Here is how I decorated the table for Christmas.  I was big into jingle bells.  I made my own napkin rings with wire and small jingle bells.  They are very fun to play with!

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